digital acoustic cartography

today there are various sophisticated methods to locate sound (acoustic camera, methods of acoustic holography, microphone arrays), but known visualizations by spectrograms still strongly remind of thermographic images. acoustic shapes, unlike thermographic ones, differ from the contour of the measured object. image overlays make it even more difficult to read and compare the results.

01 acoustic cameras for different measurement purposes *

the diploma "digital acoustic cartography" is an interactive experiment in mapping sonic events into a concrete visual language. source material for the visualizations are images and image-sequences recorded by the "acoustic camera" (microphone arrays with camera), developed by the society for the promotion of applied informatics (GFaI) in berlin, germany (

02 some acoustic images *

both, acoustic and photographic images, are analysed by processing ( the color-spectrum of the acoustic images is used as distortion matrix to warp the original picture into a threedimensional relief. the color code (HSB spectrum) is replaced by the photographic data.

03 pure acoustic image and the distorted image

"digital acoustic cartography" has been awarded with medienpreis unterfranken 2004 (category design), mensch & computer 2005, iF communication design award 2005 and red dot design award 2005.

.download german documentation (pdf, 4.9MB)

* images by dr. heinz,